We Grow 2022: Mid-Year Update

Team Leasepath HR Coach Tamara Kajtez delivers a mid-year update on how Leasepath has taken action guided by its annual theme

In January, Team Leasepath announced our We Grow” theme for 2022. The “We Grow” theme is centered around the development and realization of true potential, and the motivating strength that comes from unleashing that potential. This potential has been a powerful force for us during the first quarter.

We are embracing the We Grow theme this year by coaching, mentoring and engaging with each other in discussions about our growth. We wanted to share all the work the Leasepath team has put in since the start of the year. By improving our team’s potential, we are improving the potential that our clients can realize.

Guide to learning needs analysis

We began our journey with a “Needs Analysis” to help guide the creation of our training and development program. A cornerstone of training, development and growth, the Needs Analysis helps find the gaps or deficiencies within an organization – focusing on the gap between desired performance and actual performance. Simply put, needs= required results – current results. We examined the needs through the organizational, task and person point of view. And the as part of the process, we looked at our strategic alignment, our environment, resources and organizational context. Additionally, within the tasks, we identified job targets, developed rating scales, completed surveys and interpreted the data. The last step was person analysis which was completed by our coaches and teammates in order to define desired performance, determine the gaps, identify obstacles and opportunities for growth.

Through this exhaustive process, we were able to identify the training and growth needs of the organization as well as the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for growth.

At Leasepath, we have a positive learning culture and have strong support from lead voices within the organization who communicate the importance of learning, serve as role models and make learning a priority for the personal and professional growth of our teammates.

Continuous improvement and growth is our goal

Nothing can be done with out a benchmark so at the beginning of the first quarter, we created a company-wide, team specific point system. Teams came together and rated activities, projects and opportunities for growth. As part of the process, we asked the teams to write what a “Perfect 10” would look like and to rate themselves where they currently stand.

And then end of the quarter, we conducted reviews and evaluated the progress and are thrilled by all the hard work the teammates have put in so far this year. During these sessions, we focused on the power of tiny gains and continuous improvement. We implement the PDCA method which stands for Plan, Do, Check & Act. By cycling through these steps during each quarter check in, we ensure that we are aligned with our objectives and goals.

At Leasepath, we believe that when you invest in yourself, you move closer to your own full potential, which leads you to know and understand your true identity.  So, whether you are a Leasepath teammate, a Leasepath client or friend of the company, we hope you will join us in discovering your potential during 2022. We Grow Together.

About the Author

Tamara Kajtez is the Human Resources Coach with Leasepath, leading the equipment finance technology platform provider’s efforts to scale and encourage growth for the Intelligent Workplace. Tamara believes in keeping the Human in Human Resources, and is interested in encouraging diversity of thought and inclusion within the technology industry. Tamara is dedicated to promoting opportunities for personal and professional development as a cornerstone of her human resources work, and speaks and writes on the topics of creating a positive work culture, engaging employees and investing in your employees.

About Leasepath

Leasepath is the Intelligent Workplace solution for Customer Engagement (CRM) and Origination (LOS) built exclusively for the asset finance industry; serving Banks, Independent Finance, Captive Finance and Brokers in North America and the United Kingdom. Leasepath’s SaaS solution leverages the Microsoft Power Platform to provide a proven, quick to implement, cloud-first solution with pre-built automation, pricing tools, amortization calculators, asset management, and integrations with credit bureaus and other mission critical applications. Leasepath is the preferred choice to equipment finance businesses to win more, risk less, and profit more. Learn more about Leasepath by visiting www.leasepath.com. To learn more about how Team Leasepath is growing in 2022, read our blog on our “We Grow” initiative.