Leasepath Summer Vacation:

A Tradition of Celebration, Rest and Renewed Focus

At Leasepath, we pride ourselves on a simple yet profound commitment: we show up for our customers. This core value is embedded deeply in our culture and operations. We ensure that every company that joins our platform experiences our unwavering support, ensuring their business not only functions but thrives. This commitment is a fundamental aspect of who we are, and it drives us to go the extra mile for our customers, day in and day out.

One of the cornerstones of our culture is the belief that “Teamwork Wins.” This isn’t just about collaborating towards a common goal; it’s about sharing in our successes and rewards. To honor the incredible teamwork that brings Leasepath to life, we’ve instituted a unique tradition: the Leasepath Summer Vacation.

For the fourth consecutive year, Leasepath is offering all teammates three full days of rest, beyond the government-mandated day off. This break allows everyone to recharge, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy some well-deserved R&R. Closing our doors for this period might be rare for a global software company, but it’s a testament to how much we value our team’s well-being.

The Leasepath Summer Vacation tradition started when we noticed how hard our teams were working during the spring months. Recognizing their need for recovery, we decided to give everyone time off—a full office shutdown—around the first week of July. This gesture has been immensely popular and appreciated by our team.

This year, the Leasepath Summer Vacation feels particularly special. Our once solely Canadian operation has grown to include more than 50 teammates worldwide, spanning six countries across three continents.

As we look ahead, the remainder of this year promises to be exciting and transformative. Leasepath is set to release a slew of new features, functions, benefits, and solutions designed to help our customers achieve our motto: “Win Fast, Risk Less, and Profit More.” Our team needs to be engaged, rested, and ready to creatively leverage the extensive Microsoft solutions available through our modern cloud-first platform to tackle both new and longstanding equipment finance challenges.

“He that can take rest is greater than he that can take cities.” A rested, collected mind is more tactical, creative, and sharp. This is how we sustain our own Intelligent Workplace, so we can deliver innovative solutions to the global asset finance industry.

This year has been particularly demanding, with teammates working tirelessly to deliver amazing new products. Leasepath Originate (LPO) boasts a robust slate of new features, and we recently held our first League of Leasepath webinar to showcase these innovations. Leasepath Enterprise (LPE) went live with three more customers this quarter, incorporating sophisticated syndication and servicing features, multiple payment plan tracking, and the industry’s most advanced bi-directional insurance tracking and payment interface.

Additionally, our brand-new Leasepath Power Portal (LPP) was delivered to two customers this quarter. This innovation is set to revolutionize how our customers interact with their channels and borrowers. LPP serves both the front and back office, allowing vendors to send magic links to borrowers for self-completed applications and enabling customers to manage their lease and loan contracts. It even includes a Copilot AI-enabled chat function.

The best part is the simplicity. Like Leasepath Originate and Leasepath Enterprise, Leasepath Power Portal is an integrated platform—one system, one database, one platform. There’s no need to manage anything separately because we’ve done the hard work of building a comprehensive finance platform for you.

As we embark on this well-earned break, we extend our gratitude to the incredible Leasepath team. We hope our League of Leasepath enjoys the summer holiday as much as we do. And when we return, we’ll be ready to continue delivering the outstanding work that makes Leasepath a leader in the industry.