Partner Portal

Generate more leads

The Leasepath Partner Portal provides a web platform for online applications from clients, and external stakeholders (such as Vendors, Funding Partners and Third-Party Originators). The Portal is a secure and dedicated funnel for partners to exchange information and documentation, tied directly into Leasepath.

Partners are presented with a branded experience and configurable dashboard. Partners can start new applications, track submissions through the origination process, and generate estimated pricing with provided rate cards.


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Reduce manual data entry

Upon submission, Leasepath automatically captures all information provided, to generate records for: contacts, assets, account, and opportunity with no data entry. Leasepath will assign tasks as required, produce a scorecard, generate quotes or documents, and attach uploaded documents to the deal. Combined with Leasepath automation, users enjoy a streamlined, simplified sales process with partners that removes tedious and inconsistent tasks.

Partners are always kept abreast of the status of their deals, with email notifications and access to their own dashboard. Partners can add information or more documents through the Portal at any time. The improved visibility and communication of the Leasepath Partner Portal can help you strengthen your partner relationships.

Enhance your partner relationships

Provide Ease of Use & Visibility to Clients:

  • Apply your unique branding and contact information to the portal
  • Offer your Partners the opportunity to view the status of open applications, as well as the results of past applications
  • Mobile-ready interface allows users to apply for financing on their phone or tablet

Streamline the Capture Process:

  • Capture the data required to make credit decisions
  • Allow users to attach documents required, directly to the application, such as: bank statements, financials, or equipment invoices
  • Create multiple unique portals for valued relationships and business channels
  • Automate application responses and internal notifications



Partner Dashboard

Download the free guide:

How Leasepath Helps Lenders Close More Deals