Leasepath is the CRM based lease & loan origination software, for the Equipment Finance & Leasing Industry.

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  • Customer Relationship Management

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best relationship management software in the world. Imagine it optimized and customized specifically for your industry, then add Origination, Credit, and Documentation – now you have the Leasepath CRM Loan Origination System.

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  • Lead Management

    Generate more leads and track their process. Use Leasepath Lead Management features such as:

    • Campaigns
    • Segmentation
    • Qualifying Workflow
    • Lead Insight
  • Workflow Orginination
  • Loan Origination Workflow

    Leasepath provides a structure and framework for the processing of new business.
    Define best practices for your sales team to automatically follow
    Ensure opportunities are qualified early on in the process
    Easy for Partners and Employees to securely and quickly start the Loan Origination process.

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  • Mobile & The User Experience

    Users can take advantage of the platform that makes them more productive at any time. No other product offers Leasepath’s integration with Microsoft Outlook, Mobile Apps (both Cell and Tablet), and works On-premise or from the Cloud.

  • Intergration and Apps
  • Integration & Apps

    One system that does everything does not exist. There are 3rd party Apps for everything, even in the Enterprise. Today’s best systems must be designed to work with other systems and have an App ecosystem. Leasepath does.

  • Analytic Reporting
  • Analytics & Reporting

    Use Leasepath’s dashboards and metrics to analyze performance and trends.

    Measure success factors with actual results and adjust your risk tolerance and strategy accordingly.

  • Credit Adjudication
  • Credit Adjudication

    Leasepath ensures that opportunities arrive in Credit Department queues only after all the required business rules and processes have been followed. Credit Managers are then automatically notified that a new opportunity needs their attention and they can proceed to use Leasepath to fully adjudicate the deal.

  • Document Management
  • Document Management

    Leasepath allows users to capture and store executed documents and attaches them digitally to a deal. In addition Operations will save time by using Leasepath to generate and package deals prior to the delivering them to the end customer, vendor, or funder.

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  • Data Security & Audit

    Leasepath’s Cloud Infrastructure uses all the latest facility infrastructure, on-premise access, software, user, and database security. No access to facilities, function, or data is possible unless you allow it, and when you do, Leasepath tracks who, what, and when data was updated so you can audit it.

Equipment finance loan origination software powered by the Microsoft Cloud.