Analytics and Reporting

Take your business to the next level

Your organization already has large amounts of valuable data flowing through it during your regular operations. Why not capture it and use it?

Just by using Leasepath, your organization will begin capturing data. This data can be used to reap both immediate operational benefits and achieve long-term strategic goals.

analytics and reporting

analytics and reporting credit applications

Data driven results in real-time

Use dashboards and charts to:

  • Gain an immediate picture of current business
  • Get a snapshot of revenue in progress
  • See all current tasks to eliminate hold-ups
  • Track efficiency of Sales, Vendors and Third Party Originators

Use industry leading tools

Use Power BI and predictive analytics to:

  • Analyze stage time, to recognize and eliminate choke points
  • Target new business and expand in successful areas
  • Project future revenues, to help with planning and staffing

This analytics and reporting can help your business run more efficiently and grow more aggressively.

analytics and reporting

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