Pathways Vol 3: As You Grow, We Grow

Announcing our theme for 2022, Leasepath Human Resources Coach Tamara Kajtez shares our plans for personal and professional growth.

Leasepath is fortunate to be experiencing rapid growth, and this acute success has had a substantial impact on our business and our teammates in many ways. In 2021, our theme was Extreme Communication, with the stated intention of sharing more information through tools and dependable processes, and we succeeded by crossing every finish line together. As we improved our processes to collaborate and connect as a team, we also improved our abilities to better communicate our needs and desires as individuals, both personally and professionally. We learned the language to articulate our needs individually to achieve success within our roles; ultimately leading to an improvement in our ability collectively to meet the demands of our growing customer base.

A value we bring as a company to our team is transparency, and so the members of Team Leasepath were asked to articulate what they want accomplish in 2022, both professionally and personally. And as 2021 wound down and we began to consider our company theme for the upcoming year, it became clear that our teammates were committed to taking opportunities to grow themselves. Whether that was to learn new skills, seek certifications, or even just take steps outside of their comfort zones, we learned that we were collectively hungry to grow. It became clear that as we get smarter, better, and more skilled, the Leasepath platform will directly benefit from those new ideas, tools, and innovations.

According to Maslow’s Theory on the Hierarchy of Needs, there are five categories for motivation (see above). Once these five categories are filled, they are directly correlated to the motivation of a person. The top need in Maslow’s hierarchy is self-actualization. It occurs while developing one’s true potential as an individual and experiencing personal fulfilment. Typically, once one of the needs has been satisfied then it is no longer motivational. This is not true for self-actualization needs, where motivation just becomes stronger. 

At Leasepath, it’s this development of true potential, realizing that potential, and the motivating strength that comes from unleashing that potential that we decided would be a powerful force for us in the year to come.  We believe that doing this for each individual teammate would engender a company and culture where everyone could thrive and belong. After claiming this as our intention for 2022, we are happy to announce our theme for the year: We Grow!

The We Grow theme has two distinct focus points; one on the personal development of our teammates as individuals and another on their professional development of skills in their career path. This year, Leasepath employees are not only encouraging each other to work on personal development and professional growth but we are supporting and motivating one another. Our teammates personal growth journey is encouraged, supported and celebrated. Professional development is uniquely tailored to a teammates individual skills growth journey. We want our teammate’s true potential to shine and we want everyone to be feel fulfilled.

At Leasepath, we believe that when you invest in yourself, you move closer to your own full potential, which leads you to know and understand your true identity.  The potency of having a strong individual identity creates intrinsic motivation and a virtuous cycle of trust, worthiness and ultimately belonging.  That is what we want Leasepath to be for all teammates!

We are embracing the We Grow theme this year by coaching, mentoring and engaging with each other in discussions about our growth. We have joined a personal development and professional growth workshop led by a Life Coach, where once a week we come together and take some time to tap into ourselves and reflect on our goals and identity. We are making time for teammates to also take skills-based courses or invest in their career in other ways. And we will continue to look for opportunities to engage and make sure that Leasepath is always a dynamic and fulfilling place to work.

At Leasepath, we are pleased to be able to work with a great team of hardworking employees who value each others’ growth and encourage one another to participate in new opportunities. We look forward to the self-discovery and self-improvement to come, and to invite you into our journey of We Grow!

About the Author

Tamara Kajtez is the Human Resources Coach with Leasepath, leading the equipment finance technology platform provider’s efforts to scale and encourage growth for the Intelligent Workplace. Tamara believes in keeping the Human in Human Resources, and is interested in encouraging diversity of thought and inclusion within the technology industry. Tamara is dedicated to promoting opportunities for personal and professional development as a cornerstone of her human resources work, and speaks and writes on the topics of creating a positive work culture, engaging employees and investing in your employees.

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