Leasepath 2022 In Review

A reflection on accomplishments and growth in 2022.

Leasepath Delivered in 2022

At the beginning of 2022, we picked ”We Grow” as the company theme and shared it on the first All-Hands meeting of the year. The purpose of the annual theme is to align our focus towards a common team goal, and to motivate each other in chasing that goal. We knew Leasepath would grow in its head count, in its functionality and scope, and in the expectations our customers placed on us. So, we challenged our teammates to grow in their skill, in their capacity, and specifically in their self-confidence to deliver. We also challenged them to prioritize their mental health and self-care over work responsibilities, specifically pushing to combat possible burnout.

We chose the theme as a call to our teammates to consciously seek growth for themselves and to encourage them on that journey. We asked them to define their personal and professional goals, delivered one-on-one coaching, offered industry and technical training and certification opportunities, and availability to explore new skills and talents that could benefit our customers today and tomorrow. It was also a call to deliver the most and best features possible as part of our free Quarterly Updates.

Teammates jumped on the opportunity to achieve professional designations and certifications, achieving 12 new Microsoft certifications while eight teammates started their CLFP journeys. We expanded our offerings to customers with the League of Leasepath, our user group that held its first full virtual session as well as its first physical meet-up in 2022. And Leasepath kept our word to our customers, delivering each planned Quarterly Release to customers, each chock full with new features and solutions to experiment with and explore.

Leasepath promised our team and our customers a year of “We Grow”, and we delivered on that promise. We added more new teammates, new customers, and completed more projects than in any year of the company’s history. And with that trend continuing into 2023, we will continue to accelerate the rate at which we grow in our capacity to deliver for our customers.

The faster we move, the more critical it is that we know what we are chasing. So while the year of “We Grow” has concluded and our 2023 theme of “Cross Every Finish Line” has begun, Leasepath is continuing in its promise to keep growing for you in 2023: more new solutions, new partnerships, new skills, and greater expectations. We will deliver by staying focused on running our race. That means establishing a clear start point of every project to harness our collective energy, to always clearly visualize and chase a defined end point, and celebrating each successful lap while rallying and refocusing to complete the next lap better, smoother, and faster than the last.

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About Leasepath

Leasepath is the Intelligent Workplace platform for Customer Engagement (CRM) and Origination (LOS), purpose-built exclusively for the equipment finance industry. Leasepath is powered by the Microsoft Power Platform to provide a proven, cloud-first solution complete with configurable, dynamic, automated solutions for pricing, amortization calculation, asset management, tax, documentation, and integration with mission critical applications like e-mail, e-signature, and KYC credit and data providers. Leasepath is the preferred choice for equipment finance businesses to win more deals, risk less, and profit more. One of the Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies in the US, Leasepath serves Banks, Independent Finance, Captive Finance, and Brokers across North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Learn more about Leasepath by visiting