Leasepath We Grow 2022: Looking Back

Leasepath Human Resources Coach Tamara Kajtez shares a brief reflection on the personal and professional growth accomplished in 2022

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” — J.C. Penney.

Each year, Team Leasepath comes together to reevaluate the needs, goals, and dreams of the company for the coming year. We then lay out the next steps to achieving these goals and create a theme that can put words to what we want to accomplish in the year to come. This theme is our flag planted for the whole world to see; a rallying cry to point us toward a common goal grounded our core company values.

In 2022, Team Leasepath’s theme of the year was We Grow. As the company grew in size and scale, we asked teammates to prioritize their own personal and professional development as well. . We were not only encouraging each other to work on personal growth and professional development, but we were also actively support and motivating one another in these endeavors. We celebrated our teammates personal growth journeys on All-Hands meetings, and provided tailored professional development opportunities to seek valuable certifications, and offered personal coaching toof establish a sense of belonging and a feeling of fulfillment.

At Leasepath, personal and professional development is an ongoing, never-ending process of improving oneself in order to reach one’s full potential and achieve personal and career goals.

Personal development involves working on one’s self-awareness, self-esteem, communication skills, and emotional intelligence, among other areas. Professional development, on the other hand, focuses on acquiring the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to excel in one’s career. Both personal and professional development are important for achieving success and fulfillment in both personal and professional life.  

We believe investing in our teammates is the path to success for Leasepath. Helping teammates build confidence and improve their skills and relationships empowers each teammate and creates speed and efficiency within our teams. Whether through formal education, on-the-job-training, or self-directed learning, taking time to individually focus on their own development promotes high job satisfaction, increases productivity, reduces the chances of burning out, and opens up new opportunities for personal growth and career enhancement. 2022 saw Leasepath teammates take advantage of these opportunities to complete a variety of Microsoft and professional certifications, travel at company expense to live training opportunities to advance their skills, and one-on-one coaching to help teammates pursue further their own career aspirations.

To integrate growth in our lives, we considered engaging in activities that challenged and expanded our knowledge and skills. This included reading, attending classes or lectures, listening to others, taking risks, and trying new things. The key was to seek out opportunities for learning and self-improvement and to be open to stepping outside of our comfort zones.

This year team Leasepath successfully completed a variety of Microsoft Certifications, industry and technical training courses, achieved personal accolades, and pulled together as a team to deliver for our customers. These achievements include the following:

12 Microsoft Certifications

24 Teammates in “Read Inspired” Cohorts

57 Trainings Completed

Vanessa Roberts named “40 Under 40” by Monitor

We asked some of our teammates to share what the last year has meant to them personally and professionally. Here were some of their responses:

For me, ‘We Grow’ theme of the year has two aspects; First one is the personal growth with respect to Microsoft certifications, CLFP and read inspired.  Secondly, as I personally grow, it had an impact on the product and the company growth. Adnan Arif

The WeGrow theme represented exactly what it states in the name, Growth. But it wasn’t just about growing as an individual, it was about growing as an individual who is apart of a team. It provided us insights on how to develop better habits that can be utilized to be a more effective employee, but also helped us build good habits outside of work to be a better person tomorrow than we were today. Mark Carlson

It meant to me as we need to grow as a team, help team members to grow where we can as individuals and also grow in our profession ourselves alongside. Varun Chadha

Last year was a growth year for me personally. I finally truly switched my career. “We Grow” theme was in the perfect moment. It inspired and motivated me not to stop and grow more. Maria Ivaniuc

Our “Read Inspired” coached cohort on Atomic Habits was game-changing for me personally and professionally and has really improved my confidence at work. Sean Scampton

Leasepath is not resting on its laurels, and we chose our new theme for 2023 Cross Every Finish Line. I look forward to sharing much more from Team Leasepath in 2023!

About the Author

Tamara Kajtez is the Human Resources Coach with Leasepath, leading the equipment finance technology platform provider’s efforts to scale and encourage growth for the Intelligent Workplace. Tamara believes in keeping the Human in Human Resources, and is interested in encouraging diversity of thought and inclusion within the technology industry. Tamara is dedicated to promoting opportunities for personal and professional development as a cornerstone of her human resources work, and speaks and writes on the topics of creating a positive work culture, engaging employees and investing in your employees.

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