Celebrating Leasepath’s Culture of Excellence

Our Journey to CLFP Certification

At Leasepath, we believe in fostering a culture of excellence through continuous learning and professional growth. We are very proud to showcase 6 of our teammates that crossed their finish lines in 2023 earning their Certified Lease & Finance Professionals (CLFP) certifications. Their achievement underscores our commitment to providing the highest level of service to our clients.

The CLFP designation is the preeminent credential for the equipment finance industry. By earning this certification, our team members have demonstrated their comprehensive knowledge of the business of equipment leasing and finance.

We are particularly proud to share that two of our team members have become the first-ever certified CLFPs in Pakistan, marking a significant milestone not only for Leasepath but also for the country.

“All of us at Leasepath are extremely proud of our teammates, Adnan Arif and Bilal Alam, for achieving their Certified Lease and Finance Professional certification! Their dedication and hard work have not only paid off for themselves, but together they have made history as the first two professionals from Pakistan to accomplish this feat. Adnan and Bilal are trusted and valuable teammates. This achievement not only sets a new standard of excellence, but also serves as an inspiration to the entire Leasepath team.”

Michael Baez, Vice President Professional Services & Customer Strategy of Leasepath

Global Reach

Our team of CLFPs spans across three countries – the United States, Canada, and Pakistan. This global presence enhances our ability to understand and cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

“The 2023 theme for Team Leasepath was Cross Every Finish Line and many on the team are pursuing this opportunity to become part of an exclusive group committed to excellence in equipment finance.”

Jeffrey Bilbrey, CEO of Leasepath

Meet Our CLFPs

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize our dedicated team members who have crossed their CLFP finish lines:

  • Vanessa Roberts, Customer Success Coach, CLFP
  • Brad Catherwood, Implementation Consultant, CLFP
  • Robin Slaven, Implementation Consultant, CLFP
  • Bilal Alam, Implementation Consultant, CLFP
  • Adnan Arif, Implementation Consultant, CLFP
  • Michael Baez, Vice President, Professional Services and Customer Strategy, CLFP

Their hard work and dedication have played a crucial role in Leasepath’s success. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and look forward to their continued contributions.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate these accomplishments, we remain committed to promoting a culture that supports professional development and recognizes excellence. We believe that our investment in the CLFP certification will continue to enhance our team’s skills, increase our industry knowledge, and ultimately, provide superior service to our clients. We thank the CLFP Foundation for their continued support.

Join us in congratulating our team on their well-deserved success!

About Leasepath

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