What Does Cross Every Finish Line Mean to Team Leasepath

Leasepath HR Coach shares thoughts the impact of the 2023 annual theme.

Each year, Leasepath chooses a theme for the year to unite our focus towards a single goal. While our purpose is to provide great Intelligent Workplace technology to the equipment finance industry, our goal with the annual theme is to seek improvement and to bring more value to our customers.

Leasepath’s annual theme for 2023 is “Cross Every Finish Line!” The concept is that in order to grow and improve, we need to be mindful of how we start, work through, and complete tasks and projects.

Every project at Leasepath touches different departments and teammates with complementary skill sets. From implementation and customer success to administration and development, everyone must remain involved and engaged through delivery. This means when we “cross a finish line”, we all have to reach it together, at the same time. “Cross Every Finish Line” is a rally cry to visualize success and take deliberate action to achieve that success with confidence that your team believes in you, has your back, and will celebrate that success at the end.

Team Leasepath has heard that call and, quite literally, run with it. Over the past two quarters, our team has achieved numerous milestones. Numerous teammates embraced the theme by applying to their personal lives by actually crossing a finish line in real life. Whether it was running a 5k, participating in a local race, completing a charity walkathon, or running a whole marathon, teammates heard the challenge and were motivated to set personal or professional goals and achieve them.

In 2023 so far, teammates Leandro dos Santos, Vanessa Roberts, Maria Ivaniuc, Michael Baez, Julie Dela Rosa, and Sean Scampton all completed athletic pursuits that they were chasing. Many even commemorated the occasion by putting a Leasepath Pinwheel sticker on their finish line, a sign that their team was at their back. We celebrated their accomplishments on All-Hands calls, honoring their achievements

2023 was also the year that Leasepath became a Scaling Up company. Over the first quarter, the executive team of Jeff Bilbrey, Steven Sadgrove, Peter Sadgrove, Michael Baez, Sean Scampton, and myself Tamara Skocic completed the Master Business Course through Growth Institute. Becoming a Scaling Up company is about our commitment to growing a durable business that is constantly delivering greater and greater value to our customers.

Along with the Scaling Up team, Leasepath assembled an Edge team to discuss new processes and implement Rockefeller Habits at every level of our team. Bradley Catherwood, Adnan Arif, Bilal Alam, Robin Slaven, Chris Murphy, Vanessa Roberts, and Leandro dos Santos represented all corners of the team, and successfully ideated and implemented new ideas which has had many benefits for our customers. This reflects the team’s proactive approach to improving and implementing more effective procedures within the team.

Leasepath offered the next in their series of personal growth workshops called “Read Inspired”. In these workshops, Leasepath invites a coach to lead a book study for teammates. Hilary Bilbrey of the DH Effect led 29 teammates through “Positive Intelligence” by Shirzad Chamine and the associated workshop, demonstrating their eagerness for personal growth and their desire to acquire techniques for developing a positive mindset.

These achievements not only signify the team’s dedication to individual and collective growth but also exemplify Leasepath’s commitment to crossing finish lines. By completing exams, courses, workshops, and implementing process improvements, the team is actively investing in their development and seeking ways to enhance their skills and performance.

To keep track of our growth throughout the year, follow Leasepath on LinkedIn for posts and articles that follow Leasepath teammates as they “Cross Every Finish Line”!

About Leasepath

Leasepath is the Intelligent Workplace platform for Customer Engagement (CRM) and Origination (LOS), purpose-built exclusively for the equipment finance industry. Leasepath is powered by the Microsoft Power Platform to provide a proven, cloud-first solution complete with configurable, dynamic, automated solutions for pricing, amortization calculation, asset management, tax, documentation, and integration with mission critical applications like e-mail, e-signature, and KYC credit and data providers. Leasepath is the preferred choice for equipment finance businesses to win more deals, risk less, and profit more. One of the Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies in the US, Leasepath serves Banks, Independent Finance, Captive Finance, and Brokers across North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Learn more about Leasepath by visiting www.leasepath.com.