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Strengthen customer relationships through effective end-to-end lifecycle servicing.
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Platform Overview

A Single Platform for Origination & Servicing Excellence

Seamlessly connect your teams, processes, and customers across your entire organization to create exceptional growth and operational agility.
A happy unified team of finance professionals.

Drive Sustainable Growth

Combining your CRM, Originations, and Contract Servicing into one seamless interface simplifies your tech stack and creates scalable operational speed and efficiency.
A team of finance professionals celebrating performance.

Optimize Portfolio Performance

Data-driven real-time analysis from advanced data, BI, and AI integrations, along with comprehensive risk management, accelerates action for positive outcomes.

Leverage Platform Technology

Future-proof your tech stack and gain digital agility with routine platform enhancements so you can focus on your customers and outpace your competitors.

How Leasepath Enterprise Helps Lenders Achieve Servicing Excellence

Explore Intelligent Workplace Features Designed for Customer Servicing Excellence


Streamline your payment processes and enhance financial management accuracy with flexible payment entry options for handling various payment scenarios, like auto-recurring and one-off payments.


Foster stronger partner relationships and optimize cash flow with automated payables generation that defines progress payments and ensures timely settlements.


Ensure efficient filing management and regulatory compliance, and improve operational efficiency and record-keeping accuracy, with flexible filings capabilities that support manual and integrated continuation and termination handling.


Simplify your insurance management with integrations with American Lease Insurance (ALI) and Great American Insurance Group (GAIG), ensuring accurate records, effective management of insurance obligations, and regulatory compliance.


Enterprise allows easy configuration of General Ledger transactions, automatically generating them for financial activities like invoicing, payments, or adjustments, thereby streamlining financial operations, reducing errors, and ensuring accuracy in financial records.

Delinquency Management

Enterprise's delinquency management automates record generation, facilitates follow-ups, and triggers repossession if necessary, enhancing recovery rates and fostering positive customer relationships.

Payoffs and Termination

Enterprise streamlines asset management with features for buyouts and terminations at any contract stage, applying charges manually or automatically for improved operational accuracy and efficiency, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Amendments and Extensions

Enterprise's contract management allows flexible changes in terms and timeline, ensuring updated contracts for operational efficiency and seamless customer experience.


Solve All Your Front & Back-Office Problems

See how Leasepath Enterprise features give every team an edge.

Portfolio Management

Visualize aggregate data for effective optimization and enhance strategic decision-making to drive superior portfolio performance.

  • Dynamic portfolio management that adapts to your evolving business needs and market trends.
  • Tailor procedures per portfolio for a personalized approach to portfolio management.
  • Instantly visualize data for effective optimization and improved decision-making.
  • Leverage strategic insights to drive superior portfolio performance and make informed decisions.

Asset Management

The ultimate solution for users who need comprehensive and effective collateral management capabilities.

  • Easily manage your assets, from acquisition to disposal, with simple and comprehensive features.
  • Monitor performance of your assets, like depreciation, and ensure optimal utilization and value.
  • Save time and resources with automated processes, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.
  • Improve profitability and risk less with comprehensive and effective asset management.


Gain efficiency and optimize performance with comprehensive delinquency management features.

  • Conveniently launch, record, and manage bankruptcy filings, collections activities, and legal actions.
  • Efficiently recover and ensure compliance with legal requirements for managing delinquent accounts.
  • Simplify collections management with an intuitive interface and automated processes, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.
  • Improve recovery rates, manage delinquencies effectively, and maintain positive customer relationships.

Customer Service

A powerful solution that helps customer service users streamline their back-office operations and improve their efficiency and productivity.

  • Automate workflows and reduce manual errors with powerful and customizable features.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing funding systems and tools like ERP.
  • Stay compliant with built-in security and audit capabilities.
  • Confidently scale business to handle complex and high-volume transactions.


Accelerate operations across the entire organization and automate best practices with configurable dynamic workflow features.

  • Save time and reduce errors by eliminating manual data entry and duplication.
  • Flexibly connect with existing systems and applications using seamless APIs.
  • Optimize processes with insights and analytics intelligently displayed in real-time dashboards.
  • Scale business with confidence and security using Microsoft cloud-based business platform.


The ultimate solution for contract funding users who need to streamline pre-book auditing and ensure compliance.

  • Automate workflows and reduce manual errors with powerful and customizable features.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing funding systems and tools.
  • Stay compliant with built-in security and audit capabilities.
  • Confidently scale business to handle complex and high-volume transactions.


Streamline your documentation with dynamic and customizable documentation capabilities that boosts efficiency and accuracy.

  • Automate documentation processes reduces manual tasks and saves valuable time.
  • Eliminate errors with intelligent automation that ensures accuracy in every document.
  • Facilitate collaboration seamlessly between teams, enhancing productivity and communication.
  • Stay compliant with industry regulations with built-in compliance checks.


Empower credit professionals with streamlined workflows, automated decisioning, and comprehensive reporting.

  • Manage credit applications, approvals, and documentation in one integrated platform that reduces manual tasks and errors with built-in validations and integrations.
  • Configure scoring credit models and business rules to automate credit decisions and recommendations, saving time and resources while ensuring compliance and consistency.
  • Access insights in real-time from data on your credit portfolio, performance, and trends, giving users an edge monitoring key metrics and identifying opportunities.

Sales & Marketing

Empowers sales and marketing users to generate more leads, close more deals, and grow customer loyalty.

  • Manage pipeline from prospecting to funding, all within a single cloud-based solution.
  • Streamline sales processes, reduce manual tasks, and stay on top of every opportunity with customizable workflows and alerts.
  • Gain insights into sales performance, customer behavior, and market trends with powerful data visualization and dashboards.
  • Leverage familiar tools and features of Microsoft 365, such as Outlook, Teams, Word, and Excel, to enhance your sales and marketing productivity and collaboration.


    Time savings in reporting on sales data.


    Tripled monthly funding volume in one year.

    Up to 55%

    Increase in finance team productivity.

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