Apex Commercial Capital Goes Live with Leasepath Enterprise

Premier bank captive funding source launches end-to-end platform.

Westlake Village, California (December, 19 2023) — Leasepath, the leading software provider of commercial equipment finance platform technology, announced today that Apex Commercial Capital has successfully gone live with Leasepath Enterprise, the cloud-first equipment finance lifecycle platform powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

Apex Commercial Capital, headquartered in Horsham, PA, stands as a trailblazer in the realm of commercial equipment financing for small businesses across the nation. Their recent launch of Leasepath Enterprise marks a pivotal moment in their journey, symbolizing their commitment to revolutionizing customer interactions, streamlining operations, and fostering unparalleled growth. This milestone represents the culmination of various technological enhancements, all geared towards improving the user and customer experience.

An achievement that stands out is Apex’s distinction as the first organization to deploy Leasepath Enterprise across its entire spectrum, spanning from Sales to Servicing, all at once. “The team at Apex has proven themselves to be true visionaries in their drive to provide Customer Servicing Excellence,” shared Leasepath CEO Jeffrey Bilbrey. “The Leasepath and Apex partnership has brought something exceptional to life, and we’re excited for what is to come!”

The decision to partner with Leasepath was underpinned by its cloud-first architecture on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, offering Apex the versatility to control their data while enjoying the world-class infrastructure security and stability of Microsoft Azure.

Streamlined Processes and Automation Outcomes
Leasepath Enterprise ushers in a seamless workflow that spans the entire contract lifecycle through a single intelligent user interface. This interface tailors information to the specific role, delivering substantial efficiency improvements throughout the organization while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to evolving opportunities. Since going live with Leasepath Enterprise, Apex has achieved a remarkable 4x improvement in their time to decision, enabling them to identify more opportunities in less time. Additionally, they have redefined approval speeds and enhanced deal velocity by automating documentation procedures, freeing up human resources for quality control and allowing them to seize opportunities as they arise.

Donald Wampler, Apex Managing Director of Equipment Finance, noted, “Leasepath lets our teammates focus on human tasks that generate revenue or contribute to growing the relationships that we have with our customers.”

Integrated Communications Elevate Customer Experience
With all team members using the same interface, Apex aimed to centralize as much of their communications as possible to ensure that all users had access to the latest information. Leasepath’s foundation on the Microsoft Power Platform facilitated the seamless integration of mission-critical communication tools such as email, internal chat, and phone systems. This move aimed to create a genuine single source of truth for their customers, improving access to crucial data points for all departments.

Jaime Weinstein, Apex Chief Operating Officer, highlighted the benefits, saying, “Everyone on our team having access to the same information provides a united understanding of our customers and products. Servicing can see customer communications, and credit sees true payment history during originations, making it much easier to make smarter decisions and facilitate excellence in our customer servicing.”

Leasepath’s out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft solutions like Outlook and Teams allowed Apex to centrally track, record, and even automate customer communications. Moreover, through native integration with the Microsoft conversational AI Copilot, Apex remains at the forefront of emerging technologies, better equipped to serve their customers and explore new opportunities.

Catalyst for Dramatic Business Growth
The implementation of this secure, reliable, cloud-based platform powered by Microsoft demonstrates Apex Commercial Capital’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology for the growth of the company and its clients. With Leasepath Enterprise, Apex aspires to set a new standard for customer service excellence in the market.

Wampler expressed the significance of this initiative, stating, “We believe that by adopting this cutting-edge platform, we will not only meet the evolving needs of our clients but also catalyze significant business growth.”

Crossing Every Finish Line
Effective communication and collaboration between the teams played a pivotal role in achieving successful outcomes and crossing finish lines. The core promise from Team Leasepath to cross every finish line was upheld by a meticulous approach that ensured constant alignment and celebrated successes along the way.

Weinstein noted, “From the beginning, the clarity and transparency around planning, budgets, and expectations was amazing and refreshing. We look forward to a long and continuously fruitful relationship.”

Sean Scampton, Leasepath Director of Sales & Marketing, added, “Jaime and the whole Apex team made this a very special project to work together on. We look forward to crossing many more finish lines as they boldly leap forward into the modern, forward-thinking platform that is Leasepath Enterprise.”

About Apex Commercial Capital Credit Corp
For more than 30 years, the experts at Apex Commercial Capital have helped small businesses achieve their financial goals by offering a wider variety of commercial financing products and services. Apex Commercial Capital was formed with the early 2022 merger of Apex Mortgage Corp. (est. 1992) and Firstlease, Inc. (est. 1999). Learn more about Apex Commercial Capital by visiting www.apexcommercial.com.

About Leasepath
Leasepath enables the Intelligent Workplace for Equipment Finance, driving customer servicing excellence from Sales through Contract Servicing. Purpose-built exclusively for the equipment finance industry and serving Banks, Independent Finance, Captive Finance, and Brokers across North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia, Leasepath is powered by the Microsoft Power Platform to provide a proven, cloud-first solution complete with configurable, dynamic, automated solutions for structured pricing, underwriting, documentation, contract and portfolio management, accounting, payments, collections and integration with mission critical applications like Email, E-Signature, Internal Chat, Phone, and much more. Leasepath is the preferred choice to equipment finance businesses to Win Fast, Risk Less, and Profit More. Learn more about Leasepath by visiting www.leasepath.com.