Leasepath Debuts Equipment Finance Industry Firsts with Conversational AI (Copilot) and Embedded Microsoft Teams Real-time Chat

Westlake Village (August 7, 2023) — Leasepath, the cloud-first Intelligent Workplace platform for equipment finance Lease and Loan Origination (LOS) and Customer Engagement (CRM), today announced the launch of two groundbreaking features. The company now offers Microsoft Copilot, a secure, enterprise-grade conversational AI solution, and a real-time Microsoft Teams collaboration capability within the Leasepath platform. These industry-first features further consolidate Leasepath’s trailblazing status, solidifying its commitment to innovation and its customers.

“We’re thrilled to be leading the industry forward with these pioneering integrations,” said Jeffrey Bilbrey, CEO of Leasepath. “The intersection of cutting-edge technology and our deep understanding of the equipment and asset finance industry allow us to deliver a truly superior and unique product to our customers. This is why we work every day to deliver an Intelligent Workplace to our customers.”

The integration of Microsoft Copilot allows Leasepath users to benefit from a cutting-edge conversational AI capability within their day-to-day activities, such as automated summaries of new financing deals, quick “catch ups” in succinct language to know what’s happened in the time since last opening a record, or instantly revealing customer sentiment analysis and open action items. This feature fosters efficient, context-aware conversations that result in a more robust, interactive, and intuitive experience for all users. By leveraging the Copilot AI, Leasepath can accelerate response times and increase productivity across the finance origination process.

Additionally, Leasepath’s Microsoft Teams integration sets a new industry standard by enabling users to communicate and collaborate seamlessly in deal management. Sales can communicate in real-time with Credit, or Funding can collaborate with Operations with context-aware messaging. Conversations are automatically saved in the deal, tagged in the timeline viewer and accessible to users anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, Copilot Conversational AI can interpret these messages with immediate analysis, summarization and action suggestions. This groundbreaking feature brings enhanced operational efficiency, fostering improved communication and workflow management without ever needing to leave the Leasepath platform.

“Today’s announcements underscore Leasepath’s commitment to leading through innovation,” added Bilbrey. “Bringing these first-of-their-kind features to equipment finance embodies our unwavering dedication to push boundaries, equip our customers with the best tools in the industry, and ultimately drive success in an increasingly digital world.”

With these latest capabilities, Leasepath further demonstrates its ongoing commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that optimize and streamline the equipment and asset financing processes for businesses worldwide. Leasepath customers can find these details and more on their League of Leasepath community site. For more information about Leasepath and its trailblazing features, please visit or connect at

About Leasepath

Leasepath is the premier Intelligent Workplace platform for equipment finance Lease and Loan Origination (LOS) and Customer Engagement (CRM), purpose-built with a cloud-first architecture exclusively for the equipment finance industry. Serving Banks, Independent Finance, Captive Finance, and Brokers across North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia, Leasepath is powered by the Microsoft Power Platform to provide a proven, enterprise-ready solution complete with configurable, dynamic, automated solutions for pricing, amortization calculation, asset management, documentation, and integration with mission critical applications like Email, E-Signature, and more. Leasepath is the preferred choice to equipment finance businesses to Win more, Risk less, and Profit more. Learn more about Leasepath by visiting