Leasepath Launches New Customer Support Portal and Knowledge Base Portal

New tool for customers is the newest forward-thinking Intelligent Workplace solution from Team Leasepath!!!

Westlake Village, CA (Oct 22, 2021) Leasepath, the cloud-first Intelligent Workplace Finance Origination (LOS) and Customer Engagement (CRM) platform built for asset finance, is thrilled to announce the immediate launch of our new support portal exclusively for Leasepath customers! The Support Portal will provide a streamlined communication channel to their customers.

The portal includes a growing knowledge base that will grow as cases are solved. Customers will have access to case notes and details, as well as video walkthroughs and how-tos that can be reviewed as needed. As Team Leasepath releases new solutions through free quarterly updates, the support portal will be host to a quickly growing repository of videos and content to show how to use and activate these new tools.

“Anticipating user needs and providing an intelligent, dynamic experience to meet those needs is a pillar of the Intelligent Workplace framework that we Leasepath has adopted, and as Leasepath grows we will continue to provide more and more intelligent solutions to our customers,” shared VP of Professional Services and Customer Strategy Michael E. Baez. “Our new support portal is a critical step towards that goal, as it will help customers get direct access to information they need today, and will serve as a platform to roll out new tools as we make them available!”

The Leasepath Support Portal will feature an expanding knowledge base that will begin to fill with case notes, troubleshooting guides, and step-by-step tutorials as Leasepath users interact with their Support team. The knowledge base will allow companies to review past solutions and share those solutions internally to help ease troubleshooting and raise confidence. “We have been listening, and we’ve heard that the Leasepath community wants more ways to help their teammates grow in their use of Intelligent Workplace technology,” said CEO Jeff Bilbrey. “This knowledge base will help our customers take ownership of their platforms and allow them to more seamlessly formulate their own materials. Simultaneously, they’ll help Team Leasepath better understand what our customers and the industry at large needs from us to help them win more, risk less, and profit more.” Leasepath users can request a log-in right now by emailing the Leasepath Support team or by clicking the button below. Once you request your log-in, you’ll receive instructions on redeeming your invitation and you’ll be ready to review the newest solution from the team bringing the Intelligent Workplace to Asset Finance!

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About Leasepath

Leasepath is the Intelligent Workplace solution for Customer Engagement (CRM) and Origination (LOS) built exclusively for the asset finance industry; serving Banks, Independent Finance, Captive Finance and Brokers in North America and the United Kingdom. Leasepath’s SaaS solution leverages the Microsoft Power Platform to provide a proven, quick to implement, cloud-first solution with pre-built automation, pricing tools, amortization calculators, asset management, and integrations with credit bureaus and other mission critical applications. Leasepath is the preferred choice to equipment finance businesses to win more, risk less, and profit more. Learn more about Leasepath at