Close More Deals, Faster, More Efficiently


Lead Management

Leasepath’s lead management functionality will allow you to answer some of the most common questions asked by marketing and sales executives.

  • “What happened to all the leads?”
  • “Are our marketing campaigns effective?”
  • “How do we generate more leads?”

Taking small steps with Leasepath will provide immediate ROI, visibility, and information to make informed decisions.


  • Create, track and measure marketing campaigns
  • Set and measure financial goals and KPIs
  • Create and distribute responsibilities and tasks
  • Nurture leads automatically on a continual basis


  • “Slice and dice” your data in any way. Create Marketing Lists of prospects that you would like to email, call, text, or mail
  • Segment your prospects and customers by Industry, Account Type, Size, Assets, Geo, and many other ways
  • Easily load leads from third party data sources
  • Export lists to automatically send to third party tools and services like Excel
  • Easily distribute and assign Leads between the members of your sales team


  • Qualify leads automatically once a deal is identified and automatically create an Opportunity Workflow
  • Assign Opportunities to members of your sales team and have them notified
  • Use Leasepath’s De-Duplication  Engine to identify and merge records, and keep your data current


  • Score leads and then create automated processes based on scores
  • Measure efficiency of marketing and sales using built in analytics
  • Ensure leads are not neglected using Leasepath aging reports
  • Have a full view of all sales activities and pipeline predictions