Leasepath manages all aspects of security. From physical data center security to field level data security, Leasepath has you protected.

When data is modified, organizations need to track changes made to records for many purposes. These include maintaining security, examining the history of a particular record, documenting modifications for future analysis, and record keeping necessary for regulation compliance. Leasepath’s Auditing allows customers to effectively track creates, deletes, and updates to any field. Dynamic reports allow you to see before and after values and who changed what and when.

Management can control what Leasepath users can review or update. Security rules can be placed on individuals or groups of people. In addition Leasepath allows administrators to set permissions on each field to allow a user to Update, Create and/or Read even a specific field.

Leasepath is hosted in a secure data center that has been PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and AT101 SOC Type 2 certified. The data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition database with TDE (Transport Data Encryption) enabled. Every Leasepath customer has their own individual database.