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We understand the success factors that are necessary for seamless transition and achieving the return you were expecting. These success factors include: Executive management commitment, proper training, a defined project plan and agreed-to steps. With these in mind we have built two programs designed to maximize the success of your CRM initiative in your organization.


QuickStart is all about planning, process, and adoption. After working on an implementation with you, we make sure that all the “stakeholders” have committed to the plan. At the end of the QuickStart program you are ready to start using Leasepath right away.

QuickStart Features

  • Implementation plan
  • Set up security and administration
  • Set up workflow and documents
  • Role-based training (Marketing, Sales, Credit, Operations)


DataSync is all about your existing data. If you want to start fresh, then you’re ready to go after QuickStart, however most organizations will want to capitalize on the vast amount of current and historical data. This may be in spreadsheets, Outlook, or in existing systems. We will work with you to put a plan in place to migrate that data into Leasepath.

DataSync Features

  • Identify sources of data (other enterprise systems, ACT, Goldmine, etc)
  • Load into Leasepath
  • Cleanse and verify
  • Create relationships Test