Duplicate Best Practices with Automated Workflows

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Loan Origination

The Leasepath Loan Origination Software features provide automation of the workflow from Prospecting through Application through Credit Underwriting to Funding.

  • Define and replicate best practices for your sales team to automatically follow
  • Improve efficiency by ensuring opportunities are qualified early on in the process
  • Easy for Partners and Employees to securely and quickly start the loan origination process.

Process & Visibility

  • Workflow moves a transaction through the entire loan origination process while keeping everyone informed and automatically creating tasks for people to carry out
  • Have an audit trail for every change during the loan origination process
  • Communicate with partners in a consistent manner
  • Automated Process to move Application from Lead through Sales through Credit through Operations to Close

Line of Business

  • Create multiple Finance Structures for a transaction
  • Use Funding Fit to check best fit against Credit Policies and External Funder appetites.
  • Generate Funder specific documents
  • Automate “Packaging” of transactions
  • Easily find and view transactions from any related entity such as Asset, Insurance Details, Vendor, Broker, Sales Representative and Funding Source.